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What is BitGym?


BitGym is an awesome app that brings the most astonishing trails around the world for you to work- out at home. The BitGym program will make you feel like running through outdoor trails in the most magnificent places in the world. Its powerful software will track every step you take by using just the front-facing camera on your tablet or smartphone, and the spectacular views will move as you run or pedal.


How can BitGym attract more of your customers?


As an example, XTERRA Fitness offers a BitGym limited-time promotion upon any treadmill or elliptical purchases in the US:
- 1 Month Full Access to all BitGym libraries of virtual workouts, guaranteeing unlimited workouts.
- 5 Months of Limited Access to the BitGym virtual workouts, with 3 workout sessions per month.
BitGym is looking to extend its partnership internationally with XTERRA Fitness. Feel free to let us know your thoughts and expectations from the BitGym virtual program.
With such a B2B2C-conscious campaign, Dyaco believes that your customers will increase their motivation to purchase XTERRA Fitness products.
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