What is Licensing?

Tuesday, December 2, 2014 - 17:15


To obtain a license is to obtain permission to use someone’s brand in order to develop your business.


An established brand holds positive promises to consumers. A physical product, backed by a trusted brand, earns far more sales potential and an easier time for marketing.


According to Wired.com, Lego was able to increase their revenue from 1.5 billion to 4.5 billion within 11 years of licensing! Which Star Wars and Harry Potter fan wouldn’t be smitten?


What are licensing benefits?

Not everyone can score a license deal with Hollywood but certain benefits apply to all industries. We can generally say that licensing reduces in house costs because licenses provide a shortcut to designs. There may be open, convenient paths to new distribution channels and foreign markets. You also gain licensor’s knowledge – probably an immeasurable asset in the long run.


XTERRA’s licensing success

XTERRA is an active triathlon organization. Many consumers worldwide already trust XTERRA’s ability to spread the right fitness message. By licensing, Dyaco’s colleagues have secured XTERRA’s brand equity and turned it into XTERRA Fitness.


The only way to enjoy the great opportunities of licensing is to be able to connect products to the original brand image correctly. With our products emphasizing outdoorsy spirit, we are able to promote XTERRA’s original brand voice as well. Such is the mutually beneficial relationship of licensing.



How XTERRA Fitness can help your business

By targeting residential users, XTERRA Fitness’s ecommerce and marketing have been well- rounded since its launch. Inquire XTERRA Fitness’s product offering with us.

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