XTERRA is Uninhibited Passion.



Originated in 1996, XTERRA Triathlon consisted of an open-ocean swim, a mountain bike race, and a trail run. We've spent the past three decades working with professional athletes and outdoor enthusiasts to help them realize their dreams of adventure. Whether hosting world-class triathlons and races or making it possible to bring home an outstanding level of training, XTERRA has strived constantly to promote health, fitness, and the sense of accomplishment that inevitably follows.




Your Adventure Starts At Home

Those who have experienced our training equipment and outdoor challenges attest that XTERRA Fitness is "not just a sport, but a lifestyle." We carry on with XTERRA athlete’s bold self-assurance and avid dedication with a new spin: that the adrenaline rush outdoors can be experienced by training at home.



XTERRA Fitness envisions that even if outdoor conditions hinder your motivations, we have the right products to extend the fortitude of your potential and the mileage of your journey.




Built for Outdoorsy Spirit



There are many ways to conquer the summit. XTERRA Fitness expands your fitness potential with 3 product lines:
The Trail Racers allow you to roam free, simulating outdoor running experiences regardless of your choice of venue.

The Free Style is structured for unparalleled, smooth movement, toning both upper and lower body fitness. The Exercise Bike series invigorates lower body agility and strength; their ease of use casts your mind off the grind. Sturdy product composition is the basis to contain your professional and personal conquests. We know that your health is a key part of your happiness that does not lose importance over time. We've built the XTERRA line of treadmills and ellipticals out of heavy-duty steel and incorporate durable motors that will keep up the pace as long as you do.

Award Winning

“The Xterra Trail Racer 6.6 is an extremely impressive treadmill for its price. The 6.6 has a large running surface, a strong deck, and is packed with programs. There is not a lot more you could ask for in a treadmill priced this low. As with all other Xterra treadmills, this one has received extremely positive feedback from its consumers. A lot of them raved about the machine’s workout programs and complimented the treadmill’s strength and durability. Normally, we wouldn’t recommend a treadmill with these specs to serious athletes, but this one seems to be strong and satisfy serious athletes, based on the user reviews. Again, another highly recommended treadmill from the Xterra lineup.” ---Treadmill Review Guru


Treadmill Award



 “With their partnerships with the likes of Hilton Hotels and Dick’s Sporting Goods, SOLE has become the fastest growing fitness equipment company in the world.” – The Fitness Official


Expert Reviews “Overall, the Trail Racer 6.6 has some really outstanding specs for its price range. The features are pretty decent, but not completely impressive compared with other models in this price category. This machine does have more pros to it than cons, though. With it's strong and sturdy frame, this machine has users hyping non stop about the quality and durability. Another great factor is the strong warranty. Xterra warranties the frame and motor for a lifetime, the deck for 5 years, the parts for 2 years, and the in-home labor for 1 year. I highly recommend this machine over any other one in the Xterra lineup”. ---Treadmill Talk.com


“Overall, Xterra has strived to build an ergonomically based machine that provides the most comfortable and natural workout for you. This is a great company and all their fitness equipment receives extremely positive customer reviews. They have a great reputation and they will continue to become more popular, especially with their high quality machines and low prices.” ---Elliptical Reviews Guru


Major Distribution Channels

 SOLE has excellent track record in providing major retail channels competitive products worldwide, including online and brick and mortar stores. Contact an authorized SOLE dealers in your area today. Contact an authorized SOLE dealers in your area today.


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